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"TANGLES” is a dynamic musical and a multidisciplinary educational and outreach initiative that uniquely fuses traditional theatrical storytelling with research to engage healthcare providers, patients, families, and caregivers in dialogue, education, and healing related to aging and the impact of neurocognitive disorders.

“TANGLES” tells the story of a family during one pivotal night as they come to terms with their roles as sons, daughters, and siblings living with an aging family member. Through music, media, and a dynamic design, the production shows how memories and the past are interconnected in ways that both fragment and bring together families in the toughest moments. Each performance is accompanied by a talk-back lead by medical professionals.



1717 P Street, NW 1D Washington DC 20036 US   +1.2026991064 


  • Enhanced training on assessing families for strengths, resiliencies, and needs for enhancing family-centered care of individuals with neurocognitivie disorders.

  • Behavioral approaches to reduce the reliance on medications in patients with neurocognitive disorders.

  • Improved communication strategies for working with families to enhance empathy and cultural sensitivity.

  • Advanced training on existing and “out of the box” psychosocial resources for families caring for loved ones with neurocognitive disorders.

  • Systems approaches for improving patient safety and care for individuals with neurocognitive disorders.

  • Participants will be provided with an invaluable opportunity to practice identifying and addressing critical moments, often not explored in traditional workshops, that contribute to potentially detrimental patient care.



  • 21:39