Holistic Review incorporates multimedia and theater to create a simulation that explores how diversity impacts evaluation at all phases of decision making. The session can be focused on the assessment of resident applicants or medical students. Regardless, it is still relevant and helpful to anyone interested in exploring how bias, background, and perspective can interfere with any (holistic) evaluation. Attendees are cast in the role of a hiring committee and delegated the challenge of picking one candidate among three. At each stage of the workshop, the three candidates, played by professional actors, reveal information about their background, experience, and abilities. In addition to the visible presentation of the actors by race and gender identity, a short-throw projector tracks information, projecting facts about the candidates above each actor (or, at times, on to the actor). As a final surprise step, key information about the candidates is changed through animation, and actors switch characters, altering the identity of the candidates. The combination of animation and theater is intended to provoke “aha” moments and an honest dialogue about how we interpret each other through a lens of our own experience, identity and values.