Caregiver SOS Interview about TANGLES 


Presented a specially crafted performance of “TANGLES” to kick off “Dementia Care Technology and Innovation Forum” for the AARP. TANGLES,”an original musical, explores the impact of neurocognitive disorders on patients and families. Partially funded by the Washington, D.C. Commission on Arts and Humanities, the goal of this production is to help bridge the gap between patients, families and the healthcare systems and to promote novel patient-centered approaches.

Translated “The Autopsy of Melinda J. Smith” (formerly titled "Milestones") into Spanish for faculty, nurse and trainee development at the Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay and lead a professionalism intervention through the presentation of three institutes.

Results: Initiated a network of support for professionalism initiatives and fostered an international collaboration between the George Washington School of Medicine and the Universidad de la Republica.

Intervention In Uruguay

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