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Our consultations and customized theatrical works stem from hours of direct observation, focus groups, interviews and review of the medical literature. Through proven organizational development and change strategies, we address system and individual factors that contribute to burnout, team conflict, unprofessional behaviors, and medical errors.


At TNTM we understand that communication, diversity, multiculturalism, and professionalism are essential ingredients to a successful medical practice.

“(TNTM)  Impressed me with the need to understand ...where dysfunction is occurring systemically, and determine what are pressure points in the system where change can be leveraged.”

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Historically, an "operating theater" referred to an amphitheater in which spectators could learn by watching surgeons perform surgery.

THE NEW THEATER OF MEDICINE is a new kind of "theater" for healthcare leaders and professionals; flexible, responsive, and mobile, we provide sophisticated, results-driven organizational interventions and individualized workshops that draw on organizational change theory, principles of adult learning, the arts, and years of educational experience.